MBA Kids (Ukraine) at University of Gdansk

On the 29th March a group of high school students from MBA Kids organization visited University of Gdansk to learn about the University, Polish high education system and possibilities to study in Poland. The group was led by Natalia Melennaya, the head of an educational project within a school of entrepreneurship for teenagers MBA Kids.

The visit was short, but very dynamic. It started with dr. Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski’s speech and presentation of the University. It was was followed by the discussion about students’ plans and questions where the children shared their opinion of differences between Polish and Ukrainian high education system and described their plans for future. The meeting ended with a presentation of a short film about importance of modern educational methods (from Ron Berger from Expeditionary Learning), which are used at University of Gdansk, including proper feedback and support.

The group then moved to the psychology wing of Social Sciences Faculty, where they could see relaxation and therapy rooms. After some fun on massage armchairs, used by sport psychologists, the children went to Radio Mors studio. Staff explained the main purpose of the radio, methods used by the editors and answered several questions.

Then visitors went to UG Library which impressed them with its scale and size. Over 1.5 million volumes in one place, several staff members including UG guards, strict rules and various exhibitions draw children’s interest and provoked many questions. The most interesting attraction was special volumes room with e.g. replica of a historical book with the size of a small table, which inevitably had to lead to a selfie session.

Lastly, the children visited Faculty of Biology to see animal exhibition, huge skeleton of a fin whale and Museum of Amber. As the pace was high and the tour intense, the group ended their visit at the Social Sciences Faculty’s canteen for lunch.