Orientation Week 2017 preparations

Today all international sections of University of Gdansk met to discuss the details of Orientation Week program under the lead of dr. Katarzyna Swierk, the head of Science and International Co-operation.

The week itself is a huge event done in cooperation with other higher education institutions in the region which one purpose is: to prepare new students to university life, the region, provide help with formal and legal requirements and of course to integrate and have fun. Every student after Orientation Week can feel confident about his “survival skills” that will allow them to comfortably study at chosen university. Apart from university preparation, there will be a big party and sightseeing trips.

As the event this year is estimated to gather 800 international students, it requires a lot of planning and third-party support such as bus drivers, tourist guides or police. It was also not the first, nor the last meeting on the topic. The organizing committee works hard to make the Week a smooth transition to university life.