UG’s student in “2050” conference in China

Last month our student, Dorota Lewandowska (Speech Therapy at the Faculty of Social Sciences) participated in the annual conference “2050” in China. Here are her thoughts on the event which main goal is to share innovative and creative ideas of young people:

“2050” is a non-profit event initiated by volunteers and the Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation. It takes place annually in May in Yunqi Cloud Town in Hangzhou, China. In this year’s event, which took place on May 25th-27th, took part about 20,000 young participants, including 5,000 from abroad.

Young people participating in “2050” are among others the next generation of aerospace industry, winners of programming competitions, innovators under 35 years old, founders of “tech startups”, scientists looking ahead and artists. “2050” is a conference without a pre-set theme, allowing to hear the voice of young people, so that the whole world can get inspired by their ideas. During the meetings participants can share their ideas, experience, discuss topics related to the creation of new solutions and answer questions about the future.

During this year’s conference, young people have presented many unpublished laboratory projects allowing others to witness their innovative way. The event allowed young innovators to participate in inspiring lectures, forums and presentations. Over one hundred creators have touched on many interesting topics, thanks to which each of the presenters inspired young participants to think about the future.

In addition, the participants also had the opportunity to get to know one another during organized sport and musical events, for example, through running together, singing and camping.

Participation in “2050” allowed me to get to know the latest inventions, technologies, research, innovative ideas and most importantly, the people who create it all. In the field of education, I had the opportunity to learn about innovative teaching methods, including how to facilitate learning and working in a school group for children, and not only, through modern applications, or through new ways of preparing teachers. The scope of the subject matter of the event included various areas of science. Each participant found something for themselves. Thanks to the conference, not only did I get to know a lot of new innovative ideas to create a better and easier future, but also through the MigrantBird project I established great relationships with people from around the world.

I am glad that I could represent the University of Gdańsk on the international forum, especially since I was the only Polish woman among the honored four participants from Europe.