Usocia at UG

On April 19th, a group from Usocia, which is a students’ association in Utrecht, the Netherlands, came on a study-trip to Social Sciences Department of University of Gdansk. The group came to visit the Department and take part in Introduction to Gender Studies class. During the meeting, participants discussed GENDERED CLASSROOM. In groups they talked about their cartoon heroes from childhood and their gender. Then they discussed HISTORY lessons. The students became familiar with HERSTORY projects – the stories that show the perspective of women and their roles.

Afterwards, the group came to the New Rectorate for dr. Adam Jagiełło-Rusiłowski’s speech about the University of Gdansk, studying perspectives and also modern teaching methods, including the value of positive feedback.

The trip ended with a visit to Gdansk’s Shipyard where the group was guided to follow women’s path in Shipyard along with Metropolitanka project.