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Latest OECD education ranking, the biggest international education ranking to date, places Poland 5th in Europe and 11th in the world, ahead of Britain and the United States. Alumni of Polish universities are commonly respected and their diplomas widely recognized. A great advantage is the fact that high quality comes with a low price, because of economic differences. For many countries the price of Polish zloty is low, therefore studies cost a few times less than in the UK or USA, so you can save money, without giving up quality. Practically all universities and colleges accept international students from abroad.



You can study almost every program on both master and bachelor level. You may choose social studies such as psychology, sociology and pedagogy, languages, sciences (e.g. biology, geography, physics and mathematics), engineering sciences (e.g. control engineering, IT, mechatronics and electronics), a wide spectrum of studies available at medical universities or money-related such as economy, accounting and international business.

Interdisciplinary studies are also available and becoming more and more popular, such as Advanced Medical Technologies, Social Innovation and Solidarity Studies or Aquaculture. MBA in Poland is also widely available.




There is a lot of work in Poland – full time, part time and seasonal. If you are looking for a way to make some money in your free time, there will be plenty of possibilities. Not just for giving out fliers, but also free lancing jobs and internships related to the subject of your studies.

Poland is a modern country and has all kinds of business you can meet anywhere – from free lancers, small family businesses through medium companies up to international corporations.

Due to various subsidies for unemployed, in many sectors there is more work than workers, so you should have easy time finding something for yourself. For more detailed information, see:




Gdansk and surrounding region called Pomerania are a perfect place to find a job or start your own business. Various communication hubs (airport, seaport, train station, highway, bypass, etc.) allow for a smooth import/export of goods or comfortable travels.

Low unemployment rate gives high chances of finding a good job as there is currently a worker deficit . Alchemia, State Street or Olivia Business Centre are examples of modern business hubs which host hundreds of international companies that work in dozens of languages and in full range of jobs.

Support for young entrepreneurs is impressive: there are several business incubators, agencies and organizations that guide through the process of starting a company, through the development stage, up to a business success. Moreover, good communication between employers and University of Gdansk allows to study and work at the same time with no problems.



Gdansk is an open and friendly place so members of various religions can find their places of prayer. Christian groups and organizations group have churches, muslims – a mosque, while jews can go to a synagoge. Gdansk is a peaceful city so if accidents happen, they are extremely rare. Normally members of all religions are respected and can profess their faiths.