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Polish currency is złoty, which literally means “golden”. The recognized English form of the word is zloty, plural zloty or zlotys. You can find it under the code PLN (Polish New zloty).

1 PLN ≈ 0.23 EUR

1 PLN ≈ 0.25 USD

Poland is generally an inexpensive country. According to, average cost of living in Poland is:

  • 15-26% low than in Lithuania
  • 15-30% lower than in China
  • 7-36% lower than in Russia
  • 70-96% lower than in Germany
  • 84-147% lower than in the United Kingdom
  • 93-184% lower than in the USA
  • 104-163% lower than in Israel

by taking into consideration: consumer, rent, restaurant and groceries prices.



There are around 70 bank or finance organizations in Poland. They are under control of governmental agency, Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which assures that your money is safe. Even if it was at risk, there is Bank Guarantee Fund that will cover your loss up to some limit (e.g. equivalent of €100 000 in zlotys).

There are various requirements to make a bank account depending on which country you are from, but in general it is not very problematic. Most Polish universities have a person dedicated to help you sort it out. Bank staff commonly speaks decent English too.


See: list of banks available near UG [Google Maps]