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Bio-Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Full time Bachelor’s course


Duration:3 years (6 semesters)
Deadline:Application from May to October
ECTS points:180
Tuition: Information soon!
Institution:Faculty of Biology & Faculty of Management



You need:

• Secondary School Diploma

• Language certificate in English (at least B2 level)

For detailed list of requirements, see this [opens in new tab].


Faculty of Biology offers both general biological subjects and very specific concerning bio-innovation with potential marketing use. The program is divided into thematic blocks focusing on the most innovative aspects of modern biology: biotechnology of plant cells, biotechnology of microorganisms, human genetics, health and medicaments. Because of the expectations of future graduates particular emphasis was put on teaching students biologist’s working methods. It should allow them to fully understand the needs connected with coordinating and planning work and financial balance sheet of the laboratory.

Faculty of Management offers subjects concerning principles of corporate finances, economics and business, rules of opening your own company and managing it. During specialists subjects student will get essential knowledge how to prepare a project and assess financial effectiveness of bio-innovative start-up. Acquired skills and qualifications will let him understand market conditions of a company, financial aspects, tax optimization, building the development strategy and building the culture of a modern company aiming for success in the area of modern technology.

Employment perspectives

Graduates have knowledge, skills and qualifications allowing them to prepare a project and open a new company/start-up in the field of modern technology connected with bio-sciences.