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Preparatory course: Gateway to Studies in Europe

Soft landing and tutorial program for students qualified to study in Northern Poland/Pomorskie


g2The course answers the needs of future international students who want to land safely in a foreign country and be perfectly prepared for studying in Europe from the very beginning. The course is based on integrated and individually tailored tutorial sessions.

Tutoring, designed to respect cultural differences, enhance academic skills of students and prepare them not only to pass exams, but also to become highly qualified professionals on the European labor market.

Social integration and learning to learn attitude will be achieved through:

● language courses,

● intercultural awareness and competence training,

● personalized system of support offered by certified academic tutors.


During the course, you will:

  • define talents and top skills thanks to intensive, individual work with three tutors: academic tutor, company tutor and peer tutor (a student of home university),
  • construct the plan of studies in such a way that helps optimize the time of studying for personal development (due to individual tutoring),
  • acquire a set of most important generic skills which will help you gain competitive advantage (thanks to specially designed pre-service program in global companies),
  • participate in academically unique events such as innovation camps, which shall enhance your cognitive curiosity, ease the studying process and guarantee a better job,
  • get into social relationships and become a part of the academic community, which shall allow to land safely in the peer group and student lifestyle,
  • learn foreign languages (English and Polish) from the professional language teachers and philologists, and thus get empowered to study effectively and with understanding, without the need to bother with language barriers,
  • visit many sites in a friendly group, appreciate the culture of Pomorskie and learn to respect local customs and social norms.


The course in numbers:

  • Duration: minimum 3 months (August – October)g3
  • Study time depending on personal tutor’s diagnosis:
    • From 90 to 120 hours of language courses
    • From 100 to 150 hours of pre-service training in companies or NGO’s (voluntary job)
    • Minimum of 3 weekends with Polish peer tutors or their families
  • Up to seven students per one tutor
  • Ten certified academic tutors of the University of Gdansk
  • Recognized authority on tutoring as Director of Gateway Course


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