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According to the OECD ranking, Poland is currently the safest country in Europe and 2nd safest country in the world after Japan. That makes it a perfect place to live, work and study. You can feel comfortable on big events such as concerts (e.g. Open’er Festival), football matches and parades.



If you are interested in history, tradition and/or culture, you will have hard time choosing where to start, as Gdańsk has hundreds of various museums and exhibitions. Among the most popular are:

European Solidarity Centre – A museum and library, devoted to the history of Solidarity, the Polish trade union and civil resistance movement, and other opposition movements of Communist Eastern Europe. Unique architecture evokes the hulls of ships built at the Gdańsk Shipyard.

Amber Museum – A museum in which you can find magnificent collection of inclusions (plants or insects inside the amber) and outstanding amber creations e.g. spoons, guitars, jewellery. Some works are even purchasable in local shop.

The Museum of the Second World War – One of the largest historical museum exhibitions in the world (permanent exhibition of 5,000 m2), devoted to the WW2. Unique design and content are meant to look like a lesson in history, which we should never forget.


Kaszuby, part of the region around Gdansk, is one of the most beautiful and visually attractive regions in Poland. Due to its beauty, it is sometimes called Kashubian Switzerland. It is an endless sea of forests, lakes and hills, providing quiet and peaceful environment for all that need rest. Beech reserve, historical towns, open-air museums and developed agrotourism are a perfect place for holidays. The region’s culture is diverse: from designs, through local customs and traditions up to even a separate language – Kaszubian – which is not understandable outside the region.


757 years old fair gathers millions of tourist each year. It is a three weeks event where you can find hundreds of little shops around the Old Town. The accompanying entertainment includes concerts, theater performances, and workshops. There is also an opportunity to try the local food, not only from Poland, but also from all over the world.