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Academic Sports Association (AZS in Polish)


Students can choose their sport from among:

– team games (futsal, football, volleyball, basketball, handball),
– fitness training, contemporary dance, sports aerobics,
– tennis, table tennis, badminton,
– self-defense, judo, powerlifting,
– light athletics, climbing, running, Nordic walking,
– winter sports (skating, skiing, snowboarding),
– water sports (swimming, sailing).

They can also go to physical therapy classes of various kinds.



AZS is also open to people who do not actively do sports but who haveorganizational talents. They can help to organize events like the Polish University Championships (in recent years the Gdańsk AZS has organized these in handball, beach volleyball, judo, and table tennis), sports festivals, and friendly competitions.

Every year, along with the Physical Education and Sports Section, the Gdańsk AZS organizes the UG Inter-Faculty Championships in ten disciplines. There is also traditional May race for the UG Rector’s Cup and the UG Sports Days. During summer and winter there are training camps and tennis courses. During vacations, students can have a great time at sailing camps on the Mazurian Lakes while in winter, they can go on ski-training camps in Poland (Białka Tarzańska) and abroad (Italy, France).



Students who are especially good at sports can join the Academic Sports Association, and follow their chosen sport in one of its sections. The best can represent the University in competitions at various levels: voivodeship, national and international level.
The AZS Club has for many years maintained its position among the top teams in the Polish University Championships.


The Academic Culture Centre ALTERNATOR

The University of Gdańsk emphasize the role of a culture in student’s life and responds to student’s need to actively participate in cultural projects. This is why over 30 years ago the Academic Cultural Center “Alternator” was established. In the “Alternator” you can find:

University of Gdańsk’s Academic Choir – It is not only known for its local activity but also and international one. It has performed in China, South Korea, Argentina, the United States, and most European countries. It has also taken part in some of the biggest cultural events in Pomerania, e.g. a concert with Jean Michel Jarre and Ennio Morricone.

MIŁOŚĆ BLONDYNKI (The Love of the Blonde) Film Club – organizes a range of cultural events in the whole Three Cities area. In 2009 it was nominated for a prize awarded by the National Institute of Film Art in the category of Film Discussion Club. In 2006 the Club won the Professor Antoni Bohdziewicz Prize awarded by the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs. The club presents ambitious and interesting movies from Poland and the world.


UG Cultural Collective – a group of young, energetic, and ambitious students who are looking for challenges and new experiences. The Collective’s aim is to support individual students’ projects and to work with informal groups, research groups, cultural institutes, and similar associations. There are two specialist units within the UG Cultural Collective: the screen printing workshop and the University Newsreel.

UG Song and Dance Ensemble JANTAR – group of students and graduates of the University of Gdańsk and other local universities. The vast repertoire of JANTAR consists of dances from regions such as Lublin, Kaszuby, Kraków. Polka, oberek, krakowiak, kujawiak and other typical regional dances are accompanied by authentic folk lyrics and original traditional costumes. Ensemble has given many concerts at the national and international festivals.

AGADIR Belly-Dancing Group – a group combining classical Far Eastern dance with modern and European femininity to create something completely new. It won a distinction in the elimination rounds for the Festival of Academic Artistic Youth FAMA 2010.

ANIMUS SALTANDI Celtic Dance Group – it brings together lovers of dance to the beat of Irish and Scottish melodies. It performs traditional and contemporary Irish dances, both group and solo. Additionally it takes part in a variety of historical events, at which group presents dances from the past and also Maypole dancing.

Theater of Improvisation – members of the group develop their acting skills through workshops in the course of which they learn to create scenes on the spot, building up worlds and figures out of nothing, opening up to people, working on getting hold of creativity, ease, and self-confidence (on the stage and in life).

UG Akademia Laboratory of Song – it takes the form of a cycle of workshops focusing on working with traditional songs, using voice, body, and breath. Its methods are inspired by the “Gardzienice” theater company and by the work of the Grotowski Institute. The group especially explores the source material of Balkan, Romani, Ukrainian, and Polish cultures. It can be classed stylistically as folk/ethno/world music.

UG Student Photographic Agency – is the largest group of photography enthusiasts in the region. It boasts representatives of all the university-level institutions in the Three Cities, including the University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk Technical University, the Gdańsk Medical University, and the Maritime Academy. The Agency concentrates around self-development, popularization of photography, lectures and open workshops. It also cooperates with regional NGOs, and organizes photographic competitions.